Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7: Intern Entries

Hi Fashionistas!

It's Tuesday and boy was today an experience that I'm never going to get back! Today started off freezing in new York. The coldest I've ever experienced. By the time I arrived at my internship I swore my whole face was about to fall off. I'm a beach girl, so not used to this. To my New Yorkers, much respect! But to make up for the cold weather was an amazing run through meeting in the seventeen conference room. Being able to sit amongst the employees as if I was apart of their team was super cool. We discussed the Troian and Aeropostale event, and it was really good to be able to provide information and details about her (because of my super Pretty Little Liars obsession). It was also funny as well trying to help them pronounce her name (Trojan is not her name ha).

I also was assigned some really cool responsibilities for working the event. I not only get to be the greeter to such an awesome event, but greeting others to such a fun event shall be so much fun! These people don't even know that little things like this really do make my life. While I was in the meeting it was good to see how things really do go at the magazine and it felt great to be apart of the process and know that these people were counting on me as well. Tomorrow is the grand day fashionistas and can't wait to share the wonderful experience tomorrow... stay tuned Fashionistas!

Style On,

Fashionista Jenn

ps. Thanks for reading Daddy :)

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