Friday, October 7, 2016


Happy Friday All - 

It's finally Friday and I'm finally back on the blog - post New York Fashion Week craziness. But my favorite of all Fashion Weeks is finally upon us - New York Bridal Fashion Week!

Last night I was invited to preview the New York-based ready-to-wear and bridal line, Houghton and their Fall 2017 Bridal range titled, "Not Your Baby" Collection. The collection was presented via a special inspirational film, where Houghton designer Katherine Polk featured 10 inspiring it-girls for her Fall/Winter 2017 collection. To Polk - the stars of her film all seemed to embody what it means to be what seemed to be the theme of the night -
a "Houghton Girl."

Recently in an intimate interview with Harper's Bazaar - Katherine shared her inspiration to design the collection after fighting a nine-year battle with an eating disorder. After overcoming this battle, she turned to her inner circle - or what we call these days a "girl squad" and started designing pieces that spoke to all of their inner strengths and the beauty of their flaws. 

In a time where self love and body positivity for women is at an all time low - this film really inspires you to rise above it all and do what works for you at any stage of your life. Not only was the collection beautiful and gave me all sorts of bridal fever - but the film really inspired and encouraged me to want to become more of a supporter for self love and female entrepreneurship. 

 My favorite message featured in the film was a statement by Composer/Musician,  Moran Grace Kibby, "The Grind isn't Glamorous." I believe that this quote is so crucial to all the girls that are like me - simply trying to chase their dreams. Via social media it's so easy these days to create a perception of your life that doesn't 100% truly reflect a life that you actually lead. I feel as though a lot of my followers / friends / family who have followed my journey see the glamorous side  of my career but not the actual not so glamorous grind it took to get there and the pressures that come when working in the fashion industry.

 So I'm here to remind you - that we're all real. The sooner we stop comparing ourselves to other people's success the closer we'll be to reaching our own. I hope you rock this Friday - and dress glamorously while doing it!

Below you can can catch the "Not Your Baby Collection." (I need every single jacket in this collection in my closest ASAP btw) 

My favorites were both the "Hopeless Romantic" leather jacket with the lace dress; along with the sequin pink jumper. Tell me what's your fave piece?

Style On,

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hey Guys,

Today I'm excited to share my new discovery... wait for it... yes, sneakers! Big shocker I know - but for those who know me know that finding me in a pair of Nike sneakers is like finding a seat on a Manhattan bound 9AM J train. RARE! Wondering what made me finally break? Well it was the sneaker king himself - Kith owner/founder Ronnie Fieg that hooked me up with the new Nike Air Presto Ultra Fly Knit I'm sporting in today's post!

While working in fashion public relations you start to realize you're not officially a PR girl until you work an event front door and about two weeks ago I was working the hottest door yet; the Kith x Nike Pop Up in the middle of SoHo. Unfortunately - rookie mistake I showed up to work the event wearing Dr. Martens to a Nike event. oops. So I'd love to say I was gifted the sneaks but it was more like put these on in 5 minutes or die kind of situation.

But minor mistakes in your early career can create even bigger realizations. As I stepped my foot into what seemed like pillows on my feet - I realized sneakers were your friends. No longer was I just a publicist for New York's center of sneaker culture heaven, Kith - I was now SOLD too! 

This week I found in between a heavy workload and a humid New York Summer, today's outfit post is my new found way of dressing on the go for both work and the city in style. Seriously - I've knocked off about 2-3 minutes on my daily morning walks to the train ever since I started wearing these shoes alone.  I don't know what it is - but this particular pair has a support that puts an extra spring in your step.

Also - Special shout out to Laura Kepus at Turner PR for hitting a home run and scoring me this awesome Yankees Cap from 47 Brand that's my new go to cap - love! And if you haven't check out the Kith x Nike Pop Up shop in SoHo I suggest you do so ASAP - be sure to treat yourself with KITH treats while you're there. You're welcome in advance!

Style On,

Hat: 47 Brands
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike

Monday, August 1, 2016


Hi All,

I have been on an extended blogging break while focusing on a couple of life projects. Here's what you've missed in the past year - I moved to New York (Brooklyn to be precise), started an amazing job working in Fashion PR in the city, turned 25, went on a solo trip to London and Paris! I'm basically all grown  GLOWED up now. 

I'm kicking off the relaunch of my blog with the amazing LuLaRoe! LuLaRoe is a modern line of women's clothing - where fashion meets comfort. My high school Fashion Marketing teacher who helped inspire me to get exactly where I am today, Lori Fam introduced me to the brand and I've loved it ever since. In the outfit below I took to the streets of New York City in my LuLa Roe Maxi skirt; which I absolutely love both the print and fit. I chose this collection to relaunch Fashionista Jenn because that is exactly where I wanted this blog and my life to head - somewhere in the mist of fashion but also comfortable - not only in my clothes but my own skin. 

In honor of this next phase of my life, this post is dedicated to both LuLaRoe and all the twenty somethings who don't quite have it all together - but sweetie who does?! Your 20s are your selfish years. Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. Be selfish with your time - travel, explore,  fall in and out of love, be ridiculous and silly, stupid, wild. And why not do it all in style?

 Hope you have fun watching me play dress up in my closet and this fashion & lifestyle blog inspires you to do just the same!

Be sure to shop this look HERE with Lori Fam!

Ciao for now,

Location: Exposure 

 Location: Pier 51, New York City

Hat: Forever21
Top: Camden Market (London)
Skirt: LuLaRoe

Love this post? Want the look? Stay tuned on the blog as well as my instagram for more LulaRoe posts and an upcoming LuLaRoe giveaway! In the meantime head over to Instagram and follow @lularoe! 

IG: @fashionistajenn

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Western Edge Journey

Kathleen Bergan Photography

Today’s blog post is called Western Edge Journey. It was inspired by one of my favorite designers Ralph Lauren and his infamous western looks. Although I’m nowhere out in the west there is a journey I have taken and that is to the Big Apple, New York City. This past week I have been interning with Factory PR in their NYC location and doing one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, work Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. From actually getting to sit and watch the Concept Korea show at Lincoln Center to dressing the male models for Pyer Moss this past week has definitely been a journey. Being in New York City has been expensive, busy, tiresome and nerve wrecking but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Within in a short period of time, I’ve received tons of free products, won a hula hoop contest, met America’s Next Top Model Miss J and even made new friends who I can relate with in this crazy fashion industry. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this journey (Lorraine, Janelle, Akira, Kathleen, Maya, Candy, my parents and more). I don’t have everything quite figured out yet but I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me! I hope you guys will continue to follow me on this life journey that is less western and more living on the edge. Please enjoy some more of Kathleen Bergan's beautiful photography!

(This is a sponsored look from 360 Vintage Designs Virginia Beach, VA)

Kathleen Bergan Photography

 Kathleen Bergan Photography
 Kathleen Bergan Photography 
 Kathleen Bergan Photography
 Kathleen Bergan Photography
 Kathleen Bergan Photography
 Kathleen Bergan Photography
Kathleen Bergan Photography

Western Edge

Western Edge by fashionistajenn featuring a loop scarf

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn