Monday, August 1, 2016


Hi All,

I have been on an extended blogging break while focusing on a couple of life projects. Here's what you've missed in the past year - I moved to New York (Brooklyn to be precise), started an amazing job working in Fashion PR in the city, turned 25, went on a solo trip to London and Paris! I'm basically all grown  GLOWED up now. 

I'm kicking off the relaunch of my blog with the amazing LuLaRoe! LuLaRoe is a modern line of women's clothing - where fashion meets comfort. My high school Fashion Marketing teacher who helped inspire me to get exactly where I am today, Lori Fam introduced me to the brand and I've loved it ever since. In the outfit below I took to the streets of New York City in my LuLa Roe Maxi skirt; which I absolutely love both the print and fit. I chose this collection to relaunch Fashionista Jenn because that is exactly where I wanted this blog and my life to head - somewhere in the mist of fashion but also comfortable - not only in my clothes but my own skin. 

In honor of this next phase of my life, this post is dedicated to both LuLaRoe and all the twenty somethings who don't quite have it all together - but sweetie who does?! Your 20s are your selfish years. Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. Be selfish with your time - travel, explore,  fall in and out of love, be ridiculous and silly, stupid, wild. And why not do it all in style?

 Hope you have fun watching me play dress up in my closet and this fashion & lifestyle blog inspires you to do just the same!

Be sure to shop this look HERE with Lori Fam!

Ciao for now,

Location: Exposure 

 Location: Pier 51, New York City

Hat: Forever21
Top: Camden Market (London)
Skirt: LuLaRoe

Love this post? Want the look? Stay tuned on the blog as well as my instagram for more LulaRoe posts and an upcoming LuLaRoe giveaway! In the meantime head over to Instagram and follow @lularoe! 

IG: @fashionistajenn

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