Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 5: Intern Entries

Today was very interesting. The intense duties of an intern finally sank in. At the magazine we have an upcoming event that we are preparing for with Pretty Little Liars, Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer on the show. The event takes place in Times Square and it features designer Mandi Lane whom created her own Pretty Little Liars line for Aeropostale. One of my responsibilities at the magazine was to respond to RSVP requests for the event. Yes, answering emails is quite easy and simple but that task was actually very emotional and tedious for me.

Hundreds of young girls were attempting to RSVP for the event, with the guest list exceeding over 400+ attendees. Girls nationwide, whom wanted to come with their mothers or best friends ran to their computers to make sure they were apart of this event.. Many of which girls expressing how much an invite to this event would change their life. The excessive amount of emails was drowning and I can see how the magazine gets used to getting millions of the girls explaining how this opportunity to attend would change their life. In my mind while reading the emails at first I was thinking, "This one event is NOT going to change your life, trust me there are plenty of good years to come." But then I sat and thought to myself. These girls were me! I remember being 13, writing letters to the magazine asking how I could work there one day or responding to their contests and just hoping a simple response from them would suffice.

So at the moment where I just wanted to quickly breeze through these emails with a standard message, I could not. To Alison whose 13th birthday falls on the day of the event, this did mean the world to her. I couldn't help but leave a personal message to her and inviting her best friend as well to accompany her. It felt good making someone's life and not because I simply had the power, but because I was her and I could have only dreamed of someone giving me the same opportunity at that age. It's not like I gained any recognition from them, all the emails were signed "Xo, Seventeen." But then I realized it's not about me, it's bout something bigger than me, something greater, the bigger picture.

So the next time your patience is wearing thin with others, fashionistas please remember that we all started from somewhere, and that somewhere is who made us the someone we are today. Even if you have to go out of your way (or stay two extra hours at the office responding to emails) remember to pay it forward and remain humble. Being personal goes a long way recognized or not. Happy Weekend!

Style On,

Fashionista Jenn

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