Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 2: Intern Entries

 Hello Fashionistas,

So I'm through with Day 2! The day started out with me getting my own key to the place I'm staying at during the duration of my winter internship with my best friend Janelle Jones, who is an up and coming dancer. The day actually started off a little slow. But the only thing that seemed to be slow was me. I will tell you fashionistas, getting enough sleep and eating a great breakfast sure makes a difference in the start of your day! After I finally kicked into full gear a little after arriving at the seventeen office, I was assigned my first outside errand.

Although it was nothing spectacular, I ran to a Sur la Table store around the corner to exchange a timer. New Yorkers I will tell you, when visiting there, don't expect the best customer service. Because of the slow pace to actually help me I ended up making a 10 minute trip into a 30 minute one, leaving me no room to take a full lunch break. Although New York hotdogs are so bad for you, they taste so good. So I grabbed two and a water. There I was running back to Hearst Magazine stuffing my face with a hot dog while wearing my fancy winter coat and wedges. I love wearing sunglasses because getting to see the reactions of others without them knowing I can see is hilarious. But hey the unexpected on the go life is that of the intern.

After finally making it in and delivering the timer. I made my first trip ever towards Penn Station in order to
deliver a package to LeadDog. I had been dreading this trip because I am highly confused and afraid when it comes to the trains. But today I actually figured it out no problem and made it back to the office in one piece. But on my elevator ride up to the office, I stepped into the same cart as the boss of the marketing/advertising side I'm on. Larry. He always walks past my desk, but we hadn't spoke much. He seems to official and means business. A lot of the head figures there usually go about their own business, making me even more nervous than I already am because I never know when to stop and say hi. But I feel like God shoved my hand forward and before I could stop it there was my mouth introducing myself and my hand shaking his (firmly). I could tell it took him by surprise but it took me even more by surprise when he started asking me causal questions and actually warming up. It really proved that people in power are just regular people at the end of the day.

Today was a good lesson to learn to soak up everything in while I'm at this internship. I will do things I've never done and sometimes it's okay to pat myself on the back silently even when the whole office doesn't realize the huge life changing steps I've taken in the past few hours! You will be rewarded in the scheme of life. Stay tuned for tomorrow's lessons fashionistas!

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn

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