Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 1: Intern Entries

Hello Fashionistas!
Today was my first day as a Seventeen Magazine intern. After a rough morning finding a hard time finding a place (Iphone Map is bogus). Frustrated, finally I turned around in a circle in one place and the Hearst Corporation sign just appeared. When I first walked inside the huge building with over 40 floors, I was very nervous. New Yorkers can be so serious at times. These people of course looked they were on a mission but the people who assisted me in the right direction were very nice actually. After waiting in the lobby to be called up to 17 on the 17th floor ( I love that), I finally took a long escalator that headed up towards the sky. It was like riding the stairway to heaven, which in fact was.

Seventeen was everything I could imagine! I was greeted by Jordan, the woman whom gave me the break of a lifetime. She informed me that I was the only intern in their department. I got a great tour around the floor. I even got to see Anne Shoket's office, little did I know I would be running into her literally two seconds after. Jordan quietly whispered who she was but no explanation was needed, I knew exactly who she was. For years she talked to me through the pages of the magazine, getting me through high school. I never knew that one day she would actually be speaking in the same room as me. By speaking in the same room, I mean literally! I got the privilege of sitting in on a run through meeting of the March Seventeen magazine, and boy do they have some goodies for you guys!

My first task, on my first day was actually the coolest ever. I got to help book a hotel for "Troian Bellisario" whom plays the role of Spencer on Pretty Little Liars. Afterwards I was involved in several other tasks asked from several of the women in the office. How busy the office was made me me feel so comfortable. I find peace in it somehow. Another thing I found peace in was how nice the girls were. Even though they were all older than me, awith permanent positions at the magazine, having lunch with them in the company cafeteria was actually pleasant. I loved getting to know about their lives and where they were from.

To top the day off, I got to visit the Marie Claire magazine floor as well. They had a makeup sale that was fantastic. It was cool to see all the other people whom had worked at other magazines. I could for sure see that I fit in Seventeen the most. The girls were a lot more playful and welcoming. Hearst in general has great employees and my experience there was very pleasant. I can't wait to further see what this opportunity has in store for me! Stay tuned for more Intern Entries!

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn

P.S. Cheers to my 100th Post!


  1. Great choice for the OOTD! You look sophisticated, chique' and like your all about business. That's awesome that you are the only intern in the department, take that opportunity and shine your light! So proud of you Fashinista Jen!

  2. Well Thank You Victoria for the feedback! I love when people actually take the the time to read the post not just browse through the photos. Thanks for the constant support :)