Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lifestyle Content: Fashionista Jenn does Maymont Park

This past weekend I visited Richmond, Virginia's Maymont Park. Maymont was given to the public by the married couple, James Henry an Sallie Dooley who loved here form 1893 through 1925. They wanted their land to be preserved so that new generations could enjoy it as much as they did, and enjoy is exactly what I did! If your ever in Richmond, be sure to take a tour through Tiffany filled artwork and french Baroque architecture, stroll through the Italian and Japanese gardens filled with beautiful butterflies, and discover the wildlife exhibits, home to many animals! For once I had to sport some sneakers, but it was well worth it!

From the Tiffany stained glass to the famous-swan shaped bed, the mansion at Maymont gives guests a personal glimpse into the lives and loves of the Dooleys.

What does this have to do with fashion you ask? Fashion is a form of art and the Dooley's Maymont is nothing but. Mr. Dooley's father was the owner of Tiffany & Co., because of it the house is adorned in Tiffany.
  • Silver and narwhal tusk ivory dressing table and chair by Tiffany and Company, 1905, in the Viking or Celtic revival style
  • "Jack-in-the-Pulpit" vase by L. C. Tiffany, 1908
  • Tiffany Studios stained glass window, approx. 15' x 10'
  • Tiffany and Company annular clock depicting the toilet of Venus
  • Tiffany and Company minute-repeater time piece
  • Tiffany and Company mantel clock
  • Silver Tiffany and Company commemorative cup, 1904
My favorite piece would have to be the swan bedroom in Mrs. Dooley's bedroom, which was a set designed by Neuman and Co. of NY, ca 1910. Be sure to check out out more on the Maymont Website. Thanks Austin Ahouissoussi for the wonderful trip!

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