Monday, February 2, 2015

Early Bloomer in Spring Fashion

Although there is still snow on the ground in some states, don't let that winter weather discourage you from getting an early start on planning ahead for your spring wardrobe. February is the shortest month and spring with all its new trends will be here in no time. Don't be a late bloomer and put some spring into your step by getting the scoop on the newest trends before everyone else in your circle!

Pastels: The style forecast predicts it's going to be raining pastels this upcoming spring season. Take cover in some soft shades and you will have a 100% percent chance of looking stunning in these wonderful colors!

                                 Untitled #51 by fashionistajenn featuring blue overalls

Chambray Overalls: This season, finally nail the flirty tomboy look down. The denim look overall is out of time out and back on the playground for spring. So enjoy the blooming of flowers in this awesome outdoors look!

Skort: The Skort (skirt+shorts) has stepped up it's a game this season. You can get Skorty and be sporty by looking fabulous in a skirt but with the pleasure of feeling comfortable in shorts.

Mint: Neutrals have been great friends for the winter time but now it's time to make new ones with the new season. Freshen things up a bit in your wardrobe and play up your neutrals with a dash of mint!

Untitled #55 by fashionistajenn featuring brown pants

Cool Cargos: Military inspired pants will have all eyes on you when rocking your spring street style. Mix these cool cargo pants with anything leopard print or a primary color and you are in business!

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn


  1. Ahh all of these are fabulous! I loved the mint blazer in particular

  2. Can I just say how happy I am that cute skorts are finally back in style? (90's girls unite!). And AMEN to mint. That is one color that should always be here to stay in spring!

  3. How are you yourself doing tonight?