Monday, January 12, 2015

Style on a Budget

Don’t be afraid to re-wear those fun Friday night outfits with the girls or your expensive holiday outfit that you spent a ton on! Instead of spending money constantly on a new dress every single time you want to go out, simply pair them with your day outfits. Loved that sequined skirt you wore for New Year? You can continue loving it. Pair it with your fave winter sweater. Only think you can wear that sexy sheer number you like to wear on Friday night’s downtown? Think again! Pair it during the day with a basic tee and some sneaks.

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Dressing fabulous doesn’t always have to take a lot of effort. Use your resources! Instead of searching for the perfect over sized sweater for the cold season, steal it. Literally! Sometimes when I want to have a more casual and relaxed look I rummage through my boyfriend’s wardrobe and steal his crewneck sweaters. I love to layer them over my graphic print and/or velvet leggings. I would have to say his beanies and oversized frames are my favorite things to steal. 

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Being able to own designer items is great, but being able to achieve the same look without the designer prices is just as fantastic! Shopping online at pocket friendly stores such as ASOS, Nasty Gal, and Missguided allow you to have the designer look without putting a huge dent in your pocket. Shopping online allows you to instantly see and calculate what you have in your shopping cart, making your shopping choices a lot more responsible. Take advantage of any of the sites that feature a low-to-high price button. This feature instantly shows you all the great things you can get for less! (Plus the sales are a lot better!)


Have you ever bought something and went home and realized you already had something similar to it but in a different color /similar style? Avoid wasting money re-buying similar items with sticking to a list of staple pieces. Once you have your basic staples down then you can possibly expand on your wardrobe. Winter staples include:

Finding different ways to wear your favorite things can be the most exciting part about getting dressed! Don’t ever feel limited to a certain look! In these times we tend to wear an outfit, post it to Instagram and then think we could never be caught dead wearing that item again. But recreating and layering basic items that cost less over each other can help you budget better. For example, pairing your favorite turtleneck under a denim button-down gives your look a whole different feel. Experiment with your clothes and have fun in them before you decide to move on to something that you feel you need to buy just to have something new. You will be surprised at how much clothes worth of good money you already have sitting in your closet waiting to be mix and matched. Be sure to get creative and I promise you will see a whole new spin to an outfit that you’ve never seen before!



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