Monday, September 22, 2014

The Golden Blues

This look today was actually inspired by my oxford shoes. I bought these shoes from the leader singer of 90's group SWV, Coko's, shop called C&T Shoe Bar. I fell in love with the gold accents. So  no pun intended but these shoes had me all kinds of weak. Furthermore, the incorporation of blue in this outfit was actually inspired by my Survey to Africa course I am taking this semester. This week we were discussing the Egyptian empire and I saw a lot blues and golds in reference to Pharaohs and those of royalty. (Also every time I slip on these gold plated shoes I feel like royalty) Overall I'm no Cleopatra but I am a fashionista, so be sure to scroll down and see how to recreate what I call this look The Golden Blues.

The Golden Blues

Skater skirt
$16 -

Red Kiss black shoes

Juicy Couture crystal jewelry

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