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Bianca Flair: 30 Ways to Wear

Bianca Flair Basic Ways to Wear Project
In Richmond the weather still feels like it's summer time. With more fall like weather behavior rapidly approaching, Fashionista Jenn has teamed up with Bianca Flair Consignment shop on how to take your basic fall essentials and wear them in different and unique creative ways. With the help of fellow fashion blogger from, Janelle Reid, watch how our fun project panned out!


                     LOOK #1                                     LOOK #2                                      LOOK #3

How to Wear:  
Look #1: Grab a plain sweater, it can be a button-up sweater, or just a simple crew neck sweater and pair it with your face button-up top. Look #2: Don't put away some of your dresses just yet and revert to pants. Wear them with the sweater underneath, to give the dress a whole other look. Look #3: To preppy up this look add a great navy blue blazer, with your favorite pair of dark blue jeans.

                     LOOK #1                                       LOOK #2                                     Look #3

How to Wear:
Look #1: We used a grey plain t-shirt and it paired it with a lovely vintage paisley skirt. To make this look a little less so serious, break the ice with a wild colored pair of heels. Look #2: This look is a lot more casual, and great for rainy days. With this look, try mixing patterns in contrast with your solid tee. Stripes and polka dots may not seem like they go hand in hand but they can really bring a more playful feel to an outfit. Look #3: A t-shirt and pajama pants are now not only meant for the bedroom. PJ pants have been taking over the fashion scene. Try pairing your tee with a pair of pants like these, and you can feel comfortable and look fashion forward at the same time.

                    LOOK #1                                       LOOK #2                                      LOOK #3

How to Wear:
Look #1: Try pairing your fall trench with your fave long sleeve fall dress. Don't be afraid to use bold colors to stand out. Look #2: COLORS, COLORS, COLORS, don't be afraid of them. Mix your oranges with your pinks, and see a great vibrant combination turn out to look perfecto! Look #3: You don't have to put away that summer mini away so fast. With the right length in the trench coat, you can layer it right over it.
                    LOOK #1                                     LOOK #2                                       LOOK #3

How to Wear:
Look #1: Pair a funky printed top with a cool pair of overalls, and your brightest pair of Doc. Martens. Look #2: Just because you have on print , doesn't mean you can't pair it with another pattern. Try wearing it with a top of a completely different color that is not shown in the printed top, and a bottom complimentary to the printed top. Look #3: Pair it with a cute full skirt. Add a belt that complements the printed top and go for a bright pair of shoes to keep the edginess of the look.

Overall this project was fun, and I hope very useful. The point was to show you how many different ways you really can wear these items without feeling the pressure to go out and buy a whole new fall wardrobe. Find your four favorite favorite unique pieces and just go from there! But most of all have fun with it and be confident! Good luck!

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn

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