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Fashionista: How to Make it in Fashion Conference

After multiple weeks of preparation, a 6 hour bus ride, and barely any sleep, blogger Janelle Reid and I finally arrived in the Big Apple early morning of Friday, June 21st. We spent about a half hour in the bathroom at the bus station prepping, it was such a thrill to know that we were going to see a couple of our what was going to be the keynote speaker of first "How To Make It In Fashion" Conference sponsored by JewelMint. You know I live for rushed paced Lauren Conrad on The Hills moments. After walking about a mile or so we arrived at New York City's Downtown Dream hotel and the hotel was nothing but. Finally we made it to's "How To Make It In Fashion" first fashion conference. You would have never known due to the fact that is was so well organized by Editorial Director Leah Chernikoff and Editor at Large Lauren Sherman. They did a flippin awesome job making sure everything ran smoothly! They were such sweet and helpful girls! Check out some of the highlights of my fabulous trip!

 Pre Conference:
The setting was awesome! It was full of Fashionistas with all different styles, from all different parts. I met Fashionistas from Philly, California and even Sweden! I liked that invited a great amount of people, not too much nor too little. It really was a great atmosphere to be in .

Guest Speakers:
Left: Designer Zac Posen 
Top Right: Designer Chris Benz w/ RVA Fashion Blogger Janelle Reid 
Botttom Left: The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine

31 year old Designer Zac Posen was the Keynote Presentation, but when he hit that stage all I could think of was how much he was a key CUTIE! Jeeez... he had such a humble attitude to him. He hit some key notes as well, explaining that "fashion is a function" and that "the customer is the ultimate muse." He later on went into detail about how America's idea of fashion is summed up in three words "speed, process, delivery," which according to all the history classes I've taken sounds about right. He adores more European ways of fashion though, describing more into depth that American fashion is made more for sportswear and social wearings. He wrapped up his presentation saying that all he wants to do with his work is "promote women and glamour."

Another guest speaker that was present was Man Repeller's professional blogger,
Leandra Medine. She was hilarious as usual. and actually personally answered my question about what she looks for the most when reading blogs. It was such great advice.

Designer Chris Benz also made an appearance as well, while provided lunch on the rooftoop of the hotel. Although he didn' necessarily speak, we were able to take pictures with him and ask him one on one questions. I loved his pic hair!

Guest Speakers: 
Rebecca Minkoff w/ Business partner and brother Uri Minkoff

The diva designer of handbags, Rebecca Minkoff was stunning as usual. She came in with one of her own color popping bags, Red Hot Elle. It was interesting to learn that when she first started designing bags she wanted nothing but colors like black, white, grey, etc. featured on her bags. I'm so glad she was approached about making her bags available in color because that fire cracker red bag she was sporting was to die for! Her brother Uri Minoff was also a pleasure to hear from as well when it came to making in the fashion industry. it was great to see how much love and support he had in his sister's vision of a handbag line. Made me think of me and my own brother, may need to have a talk with him soon! 
Love, Love, Love these siblings!

Social Scene:
I had a great time overall at this conference. I wore a White Nasty Gal dress I bought from RVA's Rumors boutique paired with an ALDO watch, gold earrings from Richmond's The Jewelry Box, American Flag shoes, and a gold vintage cuff and navy blue necklace from my mother's closet! provided an awesome useful goody bag that will be helpful for some upcoming photo shoots of mine!Thanks again to for the wonderful experience!

Style On,
Fashionista Jenn

Special Thanks to these networking masters:
Melanie Bender: Co-Founder & Partner, Post + Beam
Alisa Gould-Simon: Co-Founder and VP of Partnerships & Creative Direction at Pose
Amber Venz: President & Co-Founder, rewardStyle
John Jannuzzi: Contrubting Editor, Lucky Magazine
Ruthie Friedlander: Senior Digital, The Row
Faran Krentcil: Writer and Brand Consultant
Danielle McGrory: Senior Digital Director, KCD
Dawn and Samantha Goldworm: Founders, 12.29
Julie Ann Orsini: Founder, The Wardrobe
Valentine Uhovski: Fashion Evangelist, Tumblr
and all the upcoming designers and fashion mentors...

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