Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Great Gatsby: Fashion Mise-en-Scene

Fashion is having a moment with my favorite era, the 20's! Thanks to Baz Luhrman's new film The Great Gatsby, musical artists and fashion designers have been having a field day endorsing their collections into the film. Brands like Tiffany & Co., Brooks Brothers, and Warby Parker all had roles in the film and have created collections geared towards the brand. Fashion Designers like Ralph Lauren has even showed his own version of the Gatsby fashion in his past Spring Collection 2013. This movie was truly an inspiration to my closet and to life in general. I had been wanting to view it since the expected date for it to originally come out in Decemeber 2012 but later changed it to May 2013.Actor Leonardo DiCaprio did stellar as always alongside his leading lady Carey Mulligan who looked absolutely stunning. DiCaprio never seems to age ever! The film had great scenes of the party scene in that era, and showed the glam life, it only inspired me to want to do better to enjoy such a lavish life. Costume designer Catherine Martin did a wonderful job in the choices for the film. MUST SEE!

Tiffany & Co. collabed with the film making their own collection of 20s inspired jewels from the era. Now everyone has access to looking equally stunning as Mulligan does wearing a signature Tiffany Jeweled Head piece. It is such a  gorgeous collection!

Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers played a major role in this film. They even a created a full collection dedicated to the film. The collection includes a lot of similar if not the same pieces shown in the film and the 20's era. Costume Designer Catherine Martin did a great job in being involved in the designing process of this collection. Men I really suggest it, it is a very impressive collection.

Warby Parker
 Warby Parker created a 1922 Glasses Collection for both men and women. This vintage-inspired eyeglass collection depicts a lot of what was worn in the film.

Prada does it big in the film! Elaborate dresses adorned with jewels and furs, they really outdid their selves with this one. Leading lady Carey Mulligan looked absolutely dazzling in the pieces they chose for her. Their designs really brought the film to life. They did a great job of recreating the era!

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