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Feature Friday: Gray Gabbanna

This Friday Fashionista Jenn presents a feature post from blogger Morgan Gray's site Gray

Tips for Saving Every Time You Spend

Spending money is a part of life. You simply must do it to get the things you need and want. All of us have experienced the pain of wanting or needing something we can’t afford. While this may happen occasionally, you can minimize the occurrence by learning a few money-saving tricks. 

Since I love fashion, I like to focus on saving money there first. Many great looks are available at affordable prices, but you have to know where to look.

It can be tempting to drop a lot of money on wardrobe basics. I personally have a broad selection of basic tees and tank tops in my closet that I can wear under blazers or other tops. Cut and fit of these foundational garments is important, so I’m not going to buy a package of undershirts at the discount store. Fortunately, stores such as Target often carry these clothing items at lower costs than major department stores. Here you can try before you buy, and you will probably be more than satisfied with the styles and cuts available. 

I also like to freshen up my look with a new pair of glasses every few months. At Warby Parker, I can get fashionable pair of eyeglasses without breaking the bank. Additionally, my purchase goes toward helping the less fortunate as Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to an individual in need for each pair they sell. 

Beauty products also cost a lot of money. I like to save here by simple conservation efforts. Rather than using absorbent cotton balls as applicators, I utilize flat applicator pads or product-specific applicators to minimize waste. I also participate in green programs sponsored by my favorite cosmetics companies. MAC Cosmetics will send a free lipstick from their collection to consumers who return empty product containers to the company for recycling. 

The places you can save money are as prevalent as the ways you spend it. If you like to communicate via text, save money by utilizing free texting apps rather than paying for texting options from your phone company. For almost every online or retail purchase you make, you can save money with coupon codes from places like The ways to save money are easy and plentiful. All you have to know is where to look for the savings.

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