Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Style Thought of the Day: Spikes and Studs

From spiked converses, backpacks, collars and jackets. VCU is rampant with the stud and spike trend. Today my friend Austen and I were discussing it because there seemed to be quite an influx of it today during our usual lunch. He had mentioned that he hated that everyone not interested in heavy metal music and apart of that culture shouldn't be allowed to wear it as a fashion statement. He said it takes away from their culture and it isn't fair. I personally think the spike trend is very edgy and I appreciate it, but it is quite over done in certain aspects. I do tend to associate the trend with a certain kind of music but then again I listen to all kinds of music so whose to say I can't rock it? What do you guys think? Don't be afraid to comment!

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