Thursday, February 21, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013 Recap: My top 2 Faves


Designer Marc Jacobs did it for me once again! He rocked New York's Fashion week with a breathtaking sepia-tinted inspired light show. 

Review: Marc Jacobs didn't use your typical vertical runway. He created a round runway, orb-like with a dim yellow glow in the crowd as if the sun was setting. It was very cinema like. When the models came out for the first initial lap it had appeared that the clothes were white and black capturing the detailed textures and shine intensified. The LA Times described the collection as full of "Chic sleepwalkers, relaxed elegance, larger-than-life, silver screen nostalgia." I couldn't agree with those descriptions and I couldn't agree more with that depiction. The collection portrayed what it seem would be a night in the shoes of glamorous woman. There were stunning micro-sequined scoop-neck gowns with evening gown that looked just as elegant as the gowns! I love how he topped off the looks with fur stoles on several of the outfits. I'm a sucker for fur jackets and pencil skirts, it was like a modern day 50's woman, which is my favorite era.


Designer Betsey Johnson always ceases to amaze me with her youthful, fun spirited attitude that always transfers in to her collections. I've always admired her imagination and creativity. 

Review: If the Spice Girls as a group were to be a fashion brand, her collections would be the image. But this particular season would be the Sporty Spice edition. For her Fall 2013 collection she presented a sexy workout line labeled under the brand "Bj kicks a," and that is exactly what she does, "kicks a"! Her current line was presented less as a runway show and more as party. The designer featured body-con and sheer flowing dresses, but styled with biker jackets, faux fur vests and coats adorned with her signature mark. As always she adds the right amount of tulle, leopard, floral prints, and sequins, what more can a girl ask for? You can tell the models were having fun and I wanted to be there to enjoy it with them! It also featured a workout routine led by Betsey herself. but the highlight of the show was when she did the splits after the final walk. She's 70 and she's still go it! So looking forward to her new reality show coming up!

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