Monday, November 19, 2012

Label We Love: Alter Ego

I walked into the apartment of Jeffery Obeng, Alter Ego's co-owner, it would be the first time I had ever met him. Quiet, yet polite, he seemed like a gentlemen who says very little words but when he does speak its worth listening to. In a few brief minutes I got to know him pretty well. A Northern Virginia native, Jeff attends Virginia Commonwealth University as a junior in VCU's School of Criminal Justice. After briefly getting to know him, in comes Alter Ego's other half, co-owner, and personal friend, Denis Ofosu. A Northern Virginia native as well, Denis is a junior in VCU's School of Mass Communications. With his usual charming smile and positive attitude this made for a great start to a great interview with these two up and coming entrepreneurs. 

Fashionista Jenn: What does fashion mean to guys?
Jeffery Obeng: I'm more into the business aspect of it, Denis is more the artist. He comes to me with new ideas for designs and color combinations and I'll give him pure advice as to whether we should run with the idea or not. 

Fashionista Jenn: Denis, would you call yourself an artist? 
Denis Ofosu: Well I wouldn't necessarily call myself an artist. God just gave me a creative gift to create some pretty cool designs without all that technical training. 

Fashionista Jenn: When was the brand first launched?
JO: The brand was first launched in March, 2012. The brand was inspired by the logo, and we just ran with it.

Fashionista Jenn: What is the general process to creating a piece for Alter Ego and what types of fabrics are involved in making a piece?
DO: It takes about 10 days to create a piece.

Fashionista Jenn: What is the meaning behind Alter Ego?
DO: You would think because of the logo that Alter Ego would have a different meaning and purpose behind it than it actually does. We made this brand for our customers. When you wear Alter Ego we want it to make you feel exclusive and special. The brand isn't suggesting that by putting on the clothes that you instantly have a new "Alter Ego." Its purpose is intended to enhance that Alter Ego you've had inside all along. We promote our brand with stay blessed tags and show what its like to strive and be successful. When you wear our brand its just a simple reminder of those endless possibilities you can accomplish. Why not accomplish them wearing Alter Ego?

Fashionista Jenn: What are some of Alter Ego's accomplishments so far?
JO: We have sold 500 pieces, and Alter Ego has been worn in 3 shows at George Mason University's African Student Union, Old Dominion University and here in Richmond as well.

Fashionista Jenn: How would you define the style of Alter Ego?
DO: Anyone can wear Alter Ego, the customer defines it and gives it their own meaning.

Fashionista Jenn: What advice do you guys have for aspiring designers?
JO: I would say just to never give up and be dedicated into whatever work your doing. It will get you really far!

Fashionista Jenn: Denis?
DO: Find motivation, have a solid meaning, be creative, and change people's perception of clothing!

How To: Alter Ego is currently without a website but you can contact them for orders via:

Twitter: @alteregoapparl
Instagram: @alterego_apparel
Facebook: Alteregoapparel

Be sure to follow them all so you can get a view of the brand!

                                Fashionista Jenn

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