Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rose Petal: Blossoming into Me...

Lately it has been a struggle trying to put all the pieces of my life together. Being in your early 20s can be such an awkward stage, especially in my situation. Still attending school way longer than anticipated has both helped and hindered me. Trying to find job/internship opportunities after this school semester has been a struggle. The fashion industry isn't always an easy road. Lately there has been opportunities that I want and have been given the chance to accept them but weird situational stipulations have slowed down the process. Today's blog outfit was inspired by my current journey. When I bought this skirt it reminded me of a rose petal; with it's vibrant color and petaled effect. The concept of the skirt really resonated with my life and the idea of me being such a vibrant and eager young fashion professional. I get so excited and antsy to jump into my field that I have to remember that life is like a petaled effect. The petals take a while to blossom and you never know where the petals will fall. From recent encouragement and words of wisdoms from loving people in my life I have learned lately that with patience I will blossom into where I need to be. Sometimes letting the petals fall where they want without trying to control every aspect will lead you in the right places that are meant for exactly you. Going forward with this journey in this industry I will be just like a Rose Petal; vibrant and blossoming with patience into the me I'm meant to be.

Recreate This Look: 

Rose Petal

Equipment white stripes shirt
$375 -

GUESS circle skirt

Betsey johnson bag

Red flower centerpiece

Style On, 
Fashionista Jenn

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