Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trend: Men in Florals 101

From roses to cherry blossoms to even tropical flowers, can and should men wear them? The answer is simply YES! Wearing floral is no longer a feminine trend; it can be masculine if styled correctly. For men who are scared of the trend, wearing floral is much like wearing one of those fun printed graphic tees your always sporting. Pairing floral with your neutral color shorts or even a dark fun denim jean will do just the trick. Not sold on actually wearing it but want to ease into wearing some flowered friends? Try adding floral into your wardrobe with an accessory like a floral backpack or wallet. Even slip on floral vans would do just fine! End your spring and start your summer in this beautiful print. You'll be outside more enjoying the weather anyways why not match the scenery? You guys love being in camouflage anyways...


Men in Florals 101

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