Monday, April 14, 2014

Model Workshop: RVA Fashion Week

Fashion Week is coming up in Richmond, Virginia (RVA) and this year I will be modeling in my school's; Virginia Commonwealth University's Fashion Show. The show consists of a few selected senior collections that will be featured  in the show. The VCU Fashion Show will be held on Sunday, May 4th at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 

This year I have been selected to model in the show. The above pic is of me and some awesome models taken by the team who is putting this all together, VCU Impact team. The team is the organization behind the whole things and are doing an amazing job preparing you for quite a show!

Not only will I be modeling in the show but I have been deemed an official badged blogger for RVA Fashion Week as well. As a badged blogger I will be getting others prepped for the upcoming fashion week with interviews from models ready to walk in the show, to what is the bet thing to wear to a fashion show. Be sure to check out my articles on the RVA Fashion Week website!

Stay Tuned,

Fashionista Jenn

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